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Tantrik Activities at Holi

Tantrik Kriyas


Before we begin with any tantrik kriyas let us first understand what tantra is, it is actually a method an instrument which channelize the mantras, a way to perform the connection between man and the unknown powers and energy.


Now tantrik kriyas are nothing but the guidelines to perform all the work, let us say a mind is an instrument, mantra is its activation and the way to activate it, is kriya which is called tantrik kriya.


There are all sorts of tantrik kriyas that has been derived from the vedas especially the atharva Veda. A tantrik kriya involves totkas and viddhi’s which is used to resolve physical experience and non -physical experience of the body and the soul respectively.


Tantrik Activities at Holi


Now tantrik activities as already said involve tantrik kriyas and on holi the powers of these kriyas reach its optimum level. It is like someday you feel more energized than the other days, similar is universal energy which is affected by correct positioning of planets and stars and nakshatra and holi is among that one day on which this phenomenon occurs.


A lot of tantrik activity occurs on holi to receive immediate powerful results such as:


  • vriddhi totke
  • Love and Relationship resolving upaye
  • Wealth and riches obtaining viddhi’s

Also some extreme cases such as


  • Removal of evil spirits, ghosts and paranormal beings effect from your life
  • Protection from enemies’ totke
  • Protection from untimely death and kaal ghatak samay
  • Dosha in your kundali can also be removed easily on holi day.

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