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Talisman or Tabiz is very powerful and effective for protection from bad effects of evil eye, spirits, ghosts, black magic and removes any kind of trouble and danger. There are different types of talisman used for specific purpose in every religion.


Talismans are also used to bring good luck, fame, happiness, prosperity and attain wealth and success. Talisman removes any types of difficulties and obstructions from your way to success or progress.


We make powerful good luck Tabiz or Talisman to help people without any trouble in all aspects of their life. We infuse and charge all the spiritual or metaphysical amulets or talismans with the power of mantras and siddh all the amulets for overcoming all the difficulties in life.


We provide all the necessary instructions of how the talisman should be used for getting maximum benefits. Our all talismans are prepared during full moon as per vedic description and required prayers or mantras are chanted to increase their power.


Our talismans are in pendant form; you can wear them around the neck or keep it in wallet or at puja room. We first energize talismans with mantras and ancient vedic method by very knowledgeable spiritual gurus.

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