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Surya Puja at Makar Sankranti

 Surya Puja at Makarsankranti

Makar Sankranti Pooja is celebrated on January 14 all across the India. Though this day is considered very auspicious, but performing Surya Pooja on this auspicious day hold great value. Here we are going to cite the importance of Surya Puja at Makarsankranti.


Why Sun Is Worshipped On Makarsankranti?


On this auspicious day, Sun comes in the zodiac sign Capricorn, which brings a lot of happiness and good fortune. And when the sun changes its side from Dakshinayana to uttarayana, it is considered very auspicious. Worshipping Surya on the auspicious day of MakarSankranti helps to diminish a number of problems from the life of devotees.


What Is Done On This AuspiciousDay?


Devotees followthe rituals on this day. And take a dip in Holy River. People take fast on this day. And donating food, fruits and medicine is considered very auspicious on this day. Devotees take fast on this day and worship Lord especially Sun. There is a ritual to eat Khichadi on this day since it is believe that eating Khichdi on this day bring all negative waves and vibes away from you.


And bring positivity to around you and your home. There are many people who organize Shree Satyanarayan Katha Path at home. Worshipping Satyanarayan Katha Path can be done any day, but Makar Sankranti is very fruitful to organize this Pooja. Apart from it, Shree Suryadev Graha Shanti Pooja and chanting of Gayatri Mantra is also organised to get blessed and Sukh-Shanti.


Surya Mantra for Surya Puja at Makarsankranti


As per the Vamtantra, worshipping Surya is very important and beneficial for removing Grah Dosh, nissantan yog and negative vibes. For the people who are not blessed by child must go for Surya Puja on Makarsankranti since it can activate Putra Yoga in your horoscope. Doing Surya Pooja is also essential for them who born during Surya Grahan.


People, who have been facing problem in career, job, home, heart disease, childlessness etc., must not skip performing this Surya Pooja at Makarsankranti. Here, we are citing these three very special Surya Mantras which you must chant during Surya Pooja.


Take a Look.


  • Om Sahastra Sheershah Purushah Sahastrakshah Sahastra Paaksh | Sa Bhumi Gvam Sabyet Staputva Ayatishth Darshaam Gulam ||
  • Om Surya Devam Namaste Stu Grihaanam Karoona Karam | Arghyam Ch Falam Sanyukta Gandh Maalyaakshatai Yutam ||
  • AumBhaskarayeVidmaheDivakrarayeDheemahiTannoSuryahPrachodayat ||


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