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Surya Grahan

Sun God is the reason for all types of lives in this world. It is the Sun God around whom all the planets of our Kundali revolves.Thus, when the moon comes between earth and sun and manage to cast it’s shadow on the sun, making it partially or completely invisible to earth, is called the Surya Grahan. This event occurs twice to five times every year.


Story Behind Surya Grahan


कामाख्या किट के बारे में जानकारी के लिए क्लिक करें


As per the Matsya Purana, at the end of the ‘samundar – manthan’, the nectar of immortality, ‘amrit’ was extracted. Gods and Demons began to fight for this nectar. Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini took the amrit, cheated and granted it only to the Gods. Demons were being given a simple liquid. A demon understood this and went and sat between Lord Sun and Moon.


The Sun God and Moon God recognised him and told Lord Vishnu, who cut him into half with his chakra. Since he had already had a few drops of amrit, he lived as halves of Rahu and Ketu who still are known to take revenge from Sun God and Moon God by covering them in the Form of an eclipse.



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Why is it Important


The Surya Grahan is on 1st September and would not be visible in India. The eclipse shall begin at 12:47 pm for some three hours and forty minutes.




The muhurat Tithi Begins at 05:27 am on 15th September, 2016 to 3:15 am on 16th September. The puja muhurat starts at 6: 09 am on the 15th September.




Surya or the the Sun has a diameter approximately 400 times larger than that of the moon. But, being much closer to the earth, moon at least twice a year comes exactly between the earth and the Sun in a straight line and due to the variable distances, the moon may obstruct the light of the Sun reaching the earth completely for some time. This period of Surya Grahan is considered inauspicious by the Hindu Scriptures.


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Products to perform the puja


Grahan is considered to be a carrier of bad fortune, revenge full vibes and may effect a person's life negatively. Thus, it is of utmost importance to take the following steps during this time period:


  • No one should look directly towards the sky during this period.
  • People should preferably stay indoors.
  • All temples are kept closed during this period.
  • The deities and idols are washed after this period to wash away it’s negative effects.
  • Pregnant ladies should be utmost cared for and should not be allowed to step out.
  • No important work including eating should be undertaken during the grahan sutak period.
  • Sun God should be worshipped to strengthen it.
  • Holy mantas may help to reduce the negative energies during this time period.


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