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Surya Beej Mantra

 Surya Beej Mantra


In order to understand a suryabeej mantra, we need to understand about a beej mantra first. A beej mantra is a combination of few powerful words that helps a person to get rid of various sorts of problems and helps him or her to have a good life. Surya Beej Manta, as the name suggests is the mantra that worships the power of Lord Surya, Surya Devta or the Sun God and allows the person to seek blessings of the Surya Devta.


What are the wordings of Surya Beej Mantra?


Om, Hram, Hreem, Hroum, Sah, SuryayaNamah


How should you recite the Surya Beej Mantra?


  1. Surya Beej Mantra should always be recited in the early mornings.
  2. The person who is reciting this mantra should clean his body and mind. Cleansing of body can be done by taking a bath and cleansing of mind can be done by emptying one’s mind of all thoughts.
  3. This Mantra should be recited on a daily basis for a few days to get maximum results. Some experts believe that reciting this mantra for 41 days is enough but the number of days should be decided according to your life situation and the problem you are facing.
  4. A person should recite this mantra minimum 21 times without breaking a sweat or taking a break. This mantra should be recited with absolute devotion. You can recite it as many times you want but you should chant it one time extra from a round figure like rather than 50, it should be chanted 51 times.
  5. This mantra should be recited after taking the guidance of a Pundit Ji who is expert in Surya Beej Mantra


Benefits of reciting the Surya Beej Mantra


  • Chanting this mantra under expert supervision would help you to get rid of all the previous birth doshas- the bad deeds you did in your last life, which may be posing problems in your this life.
  • This mantra would help you to seek blessings of Lord Surya and keep the lord surya (Sun God) happy Sun God is the only visible form of god known to humans.
  • You will achieve excellence in everything you do in life if Lord Surya is kept happy.
  • You will also gain a lot of wisdom if the Sun god is happy with you.
  • You will also get rid of Mahadasha of the sun.


We can help:


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