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Stress Remover Rudraksha Combination

Stress Remover Rudraksha Combination

‘CHINTA CHITTA SAMMAN HAI’, the famous text from Hindi language, is the best form to describe the exact situation of a person under extreme stress. It means that a stressful person is equivalent to a dead one. Stress is the end of intelligence, creativity and wisdom.




According to our PuranasRudraksha epitomizes rare pieces of blessings of Lord Shiva. They are all powerful to resolve all our problems.


The Rudraksha represent different planets and when combined in the right format, they tend to create electromagnetic waves working in sync with the human chakras.


Stress Remover Combination


“Combination of 3 Faces, 4 Faces and 6 Face Rudraksha”


This stress reliever combination specifically created to end your stress and depression is a wonder in itself. The 3 mukhi, 4 mukhi and 6 MukhiRudrakshaare combined to end your stress.


All these rudraksha serve different purposes:


  • 3 Mukhi Rudrakshare presents Lord Agni. It enhancesconfidence; best suited for introverts and depressed people. It also heals ailments related to blood.
  • 4 Mukhi Rudrakshare presents Lord Brahma. It enhances creativity and originality.
  • 6 Mukhi Rudrakshare presents Lord Karthikeya, It enhances wisdom.


How to Wear


This combination works to its brim when worn early in the morning after bath and prayers offered to Lord Shiva. Favorably, it should be placed in the panchamrit for some time before being worn.


Effects Expected


  • This combination reduces negativity all around.
  • It shall end all your stress, depression, anxiety and hypertension.
  • It will help you to refocus.
  • The clouds of negativity will shed and your stars will shine in the sky of life.

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