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Somnath Jyotirling


Somnath jyotirling is the first in the list of all the twelve jyotirling. The word somnath is a combination of two words known by the name of “som” and “nath” which means attribute and shiva respectively which together forms the meaning as the attribute of the lord shiva.


This temple can be found at the beach shores of prabhas patan located in the state of Gujarat, it is of extreme importance among the devotees of Mahadev as you can see the source of shiva in the form of jyotirling at this place and devotees from all around the world come to this place every day to be blessed by the miraculous sight of the jyotir linga.


There is an another important fact due to which this place is very sacred as only somnath is called as the temple which can never be demolished this is a fact that it has been under attacks from centuries by many of different civilizations who destroyed and demolished it but yet it has been constructed again and again and still is standing strong more than ever.


The latest constructed model of this temple is inaugurated by our president Dr. Rajendera Prasad after the independence of India.


The mention of this great jyotirling is mentioned even in the bhagvat gita, Skand puraan and even in Rig Veda. The stories associated with the temple are never ending but one of the most known is the story of moon. The moon god was married to the twenty seven daughters of daksh prajapati but was affectionate towards only one of them rohini and the other wives fell depressed as they were unable to spend time with their husband when nothing helped them they went to their father as a last resort. Daksh tried to convince moon but he refused to favor other wives and was finally cursed to lose his shine and die eventually to save himself he offered his prayers in the temple of somnath and was then blessed by lord shiva which saved his life.


Some exciting facts about Somnath Jyotirling


  • The most attacked demolished and reconstructed jyotirling in the history.

  • Krishna made this jyotirling with sandalwood once

  • Ravana constructed this temple with silver in his time


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