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Siyar Singhi

 Siyar Singhi What is Siyar Singhi?

Siyar (Jackal) singhi (Horn) is basically a very rare product that is not easily found and it takes a lot of effort to find as only one in a million is a chance when you find one.

Siyar singhi because it's very rare and is only used for some rare rituals that come from the atharva veda methods to help the mankind so as to make their life better, once found it plays a significant role in vashikaran and tantric process.

Not just for tantrik rituals alone this product is very beneficial and it is believed that if you found this then you are an extremely lucky person as it finds you not the other way around.


नोट: केवल असली और पवित्र सियार सिंघी का ही पूजन करे, और पूजन भी पूरी विधि और मंत्र के साथ करे अन्यथा ये हानिकारक प्रभाव भी दे सकती है | संपूर्ण विधि के लिए हमसे संपर्क करे : 9818542254


Get Complete Pujan Vidi of Siyar Singhi with Mantra for Diwali Pujan in Rs. 551 & 1100, Call 9818542254.


Benefits of Siyar Singhi

Siyar singhi is also beneficial if used

  • In home to get money and wealth
  • Abundance and Prosperity will be attracted in your life.
  • Creates a spiritual bond between you and above
  • Immense protection from spirits, ghost, and witchcraft is also provided
  • Victory over enemies who try to create hurdles for you
  • Riddance from court cases and any negative effects
  • Loss of any property is regained
  • Relationship with partner becomes better
  • Unwanted negative energy is deflected from your life
  • Protection against jealousy and treachery is provided.
  • Health of you and of your family is restored to perfection


More about Siyar Singhi

Siyar is a wild animal, white colored with black spots who resembles quite normal dogs in appearance. Siyar is a carnivorous animal that is normally found in a dense forest, remote villages and bush. It is said that a Siyar don't actually has a horn on his forehead, but "a bunch of hair emerges on siyar's forehead as he grows, that is called Siyar Singhi" and used for various purposes. Siyar singhi comes in different sizes as small, medium and large.


सियार सिंघी के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे:


Interesting facts about Siyar Singhi

  • It is believed that if Siyar singhi is put in vermillion its hair start growing naturally. So, it is a natural and very sacred item.
  • It is very powerful and also used to acquire property, land,
  • Vashikaran for love and Akarshan
  • Some people wear it around neck as talisman as protection from negative effects, getting victory.
  • Removing obstacles and getting success in life.
  • Siyar Singhi should only be obtained on an auspicious occasion, so that it is very effective and provides desired result of it.


How it should be used for results ?

  • To get best result of Siyar Singhi it should be kept wrapped in vermillion.
  • Should be placed inside a cash box, wooden box and almirah
  • Can also be placed at your workplace near business register
  • Inside the temple at home or puja place
  • A daily worship with dhoop and essence should be done to get perfect result.
  • Chanting of mantra is also beneficial in Akarshan and vashikaran by Siyar singhi to get the result fast.


Do not worship fake or Duplicate Siyar Singhi, also worship with proper method otherwise you will get negative effect. Contact us for Vidhi at: 9818542254.


Mantra to activate Siyar Singhi

The chanting mantra during worship for vashikaran is "gidar singhi 'name of the person' mum vashayan kuru kuru sawah".

Our service

We as a team have collaborated to help the mankind through spiritual means and we are genuine practionar and pandits who specialize in tantra vidya, Vedic rituals and much more. If you want to become successful in your life then get Siyar singhi in your home, you can contact us to get the real Siyar singhi.

We also provide many tantrik products and are one of the authentic sellers of kamiya sindoor. Siyar singhi becomes very powerful if it is put in kamiya sindoor.



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