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Simhastha Kumbh Ujjain 2016

How Kumbha started?


Kumbha mela is a religious fair that is arranged once every twelve year in four auspicious places on the banks of holy rivers of India in the cities haridwar, Allahabad, Nasik and Ujjain. According to the legends kumbha mela started as the cause of shir sagar manthan. It was the period when time was non -existent and we humans were not present and gods and demons were staunch enemy of each other but agreed to help each other only at a condition that whatever will come out will be divided among the two groups one by one and the manthan began many things came out but when amrit the source of immortality came out it was the turn of the demons to get it and they all ran towards it, realizing what this can done devtas took the amrit to Lord Vishnu and in that process the amrit from kamandal fell on ground in form of four drops and since then kumbha mela is celebrated at these places to receive the auspicious blessings of the gods and to get rid of the past sins.


Difference of Simhastha Kumbh and Kumbha


Every kumbha is arranged by studding the stars and planetary motion, it takes a toll to observe the correct position and the alighnment in which kumbha takes place and this phenomenon is repeated only once in twelve years.


The main difference in Simhastha kumbha and others is that it takes place when Jupiter enters in Leo house which comes only twice in Ujjain and Nasik trimbak Simhastha


Simhastha Kumbh Ujjain 2016


The Simhastha kumbha is going to come this year in Ujjain at the banks of Shipra River, this kumbha will be arranged from the day of 22nd April to 21st may 2016. It is believed that if you become a part of this gathering and take the holy in this Simhastha then all your sins will be lifted from your this life and past lives and your soul will be purified completely.