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Siddh Shree Kaali Haldi

 Siddh Shree Kaali Haldi

Black Turmeric is known as Kali Haldi, when it is energized with powerful mantra and sadhna, it becomes siddh black turmeric. This black turmeric is used in Tantrik process and Sadhna.


Black turmeric plants are found across the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, Nepal and in Baster plains.


Black turmeric is a rare tantric product. This Siddh black turmeric or Kali haldi is charged with powerful Bhairav Mantra. This Siddh Kali haldi or Black Turmeric is mostly used for Tantra sadhana, bhairav sadhana and removing Back Magic and evil problems.


It is widely used by people who practice and use Tantrik Vidhya. It is believed that keeping some charged black turmeric with you brings advantage for one’s Wellbeing, harmony and prosperity.


It is said to attract supernatural and cosmic power and divine vibrations and frequencies. This turmeric also attracts lots of Wealth and good health towards a family or home. It is also believed that putting it in home ensure success in court cases, law suits and litigation.


This rare black turmeric is available in very limited amount and we provide it at extremely reasonable price. You just need to order and make payment and we ship it to you without any delay.