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Siddh Laghu Nariyal

Siddh Laghu Nariyal


Sidh Laghu Nariyal or Small Coconut is found in very little quantity near sea-shore coconut tree. This coconut is very small in shape or size. It is very rare and religious importance product. It is highly effective in any kind of religious puja or ritual.


Sidh Laghu Nariyal is known as the provider of wealth, goddess of wealth shri Lakshmi becomes happy by worshipping this small coconut. Thus happy goddess Lakshmi bestows wealth and all pleasure of life.


It is considered to be the best that has blessings the God. Laghu Coconut has its shape like a betel nut with three eyes, it is considered very rare.


How to use Siddh Laghu Narial


Siddh Laghu Nariyal should be kept on white cloth or wrapped in white cloth with vermillion in puja. It can also be kept in Cash Box, Almirah, locker Wallet, near business register, reception of the office and cupboard; it is good for attracting wealth and increasing business.


A daily worship lighting incense or dhoop in front of this coconut and offering rice and milk should be performed. It is offered to any deity after applying sandal on it and putting a coin with it.


Benefits of Siddh Small Narial


  • Laghu coconut fulfils all materialistic desire and brings all comfort in life.
  • If it is placed in treasury or cash box, never lets deficit of money in that home.
  • Laghu coconut increases profits in business, makes a business successful if kept at business place. It helps attaining wealth, fame and prosperity.
  • It is believed that Lakshmi ji always resides at the place where this coconut is placed.
  • Small coconut has the ability to protect from black magic, Sade Saati dosha and any types of trouble and sufferings.