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Shwetark Ganpati

Shwetark Ganpati Official Note: We not deal with this product it is only for the Information Purpose.


Shwetark Ganpati is considered as one of the purest and most rare sacred items on earth. Shwetark Ganpati is also called Ark Ganeaha in Sanskrit language. Ark Ganesha or Shwetark Ganesha is obtained from the root of a shrub (Aak) that naturally takes the real shape of Lord Ganesha.


The Aak plant bears green or blue leaves. Its flowers are of very small size and has no fragrance or without any fragrance. The Aak plant also has a very rare white plant which bears white flowers. This is believed and said to be a very rare plant and cannot be found easily on earth.


The plant of aak has been playing a divine role in the traditional religious and holy practice since the time immemorial. Its leaves are importantly used for worshipping the lord sun. The leaves and flowers of this plant are assumed very sacred in the Hindu religion and mythology.


Leaves of aak along with the flowers and Dhatura (Poisonous fruit) plant are used in worshipping of Lord Shiva. The garland of flowers of white ark is also used in the worship of Lord Hanuman.



Benefits of Shwetark Ganpati:


In shastra and purana it is written that, a house in which a Shwetark Ganpati presents, the house always is potent in removing any evil and ill effect and the inmate is blessed with immense wealth and prosperity, some more benefits of Shwetark Ganpati are given below.


It increase the Vigor, vitality and enthusiasm, helps in attaining spirituality, blessings of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, Gives knowledge Prosperity and growth and improve concentration power,promotion in job and increase in business, maintains harmony in married life, helpful in eliminating illness and diseases, gets rid of hardship or insufficiency, activate positive energies in the house.


Official Note: We not deal with this product it is only for the Information Purpose.


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