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Kuber Puja

 Kuber Puja



Shukra or Venus is the brightest planet that controls the materialistic attachments of people. It is a planet which needs to be pleased in order to ensure that you have enough sense to stay in control of the materialistic pleasures. You need to initiate shukra puja especially if your shukra in weak in the astrological chart.




Mantras of the Shukra Puja:


  • Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah
  • Shukra astottara shata nama vali


Key Aspects of Shukra Puja:


The first mantra should be chanted at least 20 thousand times within a time span of 20 days.


  • The second mantra should be chanted in all Venus periods.
  • One should observe fast on every Friday to please the Shukra planet.
  • Donating dairy cream, clothes or even diamonds as well other clear precious stones is considered vital.
  • Reciting 108 names of shukra is also beneficial.
  • Donating the required things on Friday is advised. Also, donating it to females in need is considered to be most beneficial.


Benefits of the Shukra Puja:


  • Your financial problems will be resolved. You will prosper financially once you make the Shukra happy.
  • Your married life would be free of disputes.
  • You will not have any problems with regard to the well being of your eyes.
  • Your sexual life would be normal again as you will feel more passionate towards your partner. You will also get success in bearing children and expanding your family.
  • You will get your name and fame back without any trouble.
  • You will get close to all members of your family and the number of quarrels or fights within your family would be reduced.
  • Women will get rid of menstrual or ovary related ailments.