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Shri Kailash Maha Yantra

 Shri Kailash Maha Yantra



Shri Kailash Maha Yantra is also called Kailash Dhan Raksha Yantra. It is believed to have been created by Hindu Rishis, Saints, and Tantric.


In the centre of shri kailash maha yantra a magical number 1, 5, 0 is written, there are also some Chinese inscriptions in the center.


This yantra also has inscription of 12 various types of animal’s image on the yantra. The 4 corners of this yanra have Om, Swastik, Trishool and Lord Shiva image.


This is known a very rare and powerful yantra. It is said that this yantra brings all round peace, immense wealth and Prosperity and removes all negative effects of afflicted planets.




Worship method of Kailash Yantra


  • Wash this yantra daily with holy Ganga water or fresh normal water.
  • Sandalwood or vermillion should also be offered to this yantra.
  • Light incense sticks, mud lamp with pure ghee near this yantra.
  • Place this yantra in the north direction of puja place in your home or in temple.


Benefits of Kailash Yantra


  • This yantra fulfills all your wish and desires.
  • Shri Kailash Maha Yantra is very powerful and helps generating unconditional love.
  • It protects from negative and malefic effects of Planets, evil eye, spirit, ghost and black magic.
  • This yantra saves you from any danger, misfortune and bad incidents of life.