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Shree Hanuman Pujan and Yagna

Glory of Lord Hanuman


Lord hanuman is the eleventh incarnation of lord shiva, the story of his birth began when he was not even born, actually it was two types of curse that led to his birth, the first was foretold on his mother, lord hanuman is the son of anjani who was an apsara in the swarg in her previous birth and received a curse in the heaven at one point that she has to born in the mortal world that is mrityu lok in the form of a monkey princess.


the only thing that could lift her of from this curse and can make her come to swarg is to bear the eleventh incarnation of lord shiva, anjani was born in the mortal world as a princess and got married to monkey king Kesari both gave birth to a beautiful young boy who was named maruti, this boy was the incarnation of Mahadev himself and pawan dev the god of wind became his godfather, this is why he is also called as pawan putra, another curse was on lord vishnu by Narada for turning him into a monkey on an occasion of swayamvar.


Hanuman is the epitome of devotion, courage, valor and wisdom, whoever worships him is bestowed upon with the traits of these qualities and receives his auspicious blessings to achieve everything in life and afterlife as well.


Benefits of shree hanuman pujan and yagna


According to vedas hanuman pujan and yagna is the method to receive auspicious blessings of lord hanuman, this yagna and puja is constitute of thousand to lakhs of mantra that acts as direct connection with the deity and will purify your soul and you will be able to observe mahabali blessings in your life in the ways as


  • All the Navagrah will be in your favor always.
  • The harmful effect of rahu and ketu will not be able touch you.
  • All the dosha that are present in your kundali and birth chart will disappear.
  • Hanuman holds key to kuber treasure, so this yagna will attract all the riches in your life.
  • All the spirits, ghosts and paranormal beings will never be able to come near you.
  • Abundance and prosperity will guard your house.
  • All kind of black magic and occult will be harmless on you.
  • A protective circle of positivity will be created around you and your family.


One thing that is important that this yagna must only be performed by those who are fully trained in Vedic practice otherwise effects will not be seen.


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