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Maha Shivratri Rituals

Maha Shivratri Rituals The rituals of shivratri are not very different but yet not common as each ritual that is performed on this day is just not to please the shiva but also to purify our own soul, the vedas list them all which can only be performed by those who perfectly understands them but not to worry as some important rituals can easily be carried out by all those who worship the deity.

Shiva is a giver so every ritual you dedicate to him is eventually coming back to you in the form of your desires disguised as his divine blessings.

He is known as "bholenath" the one with childlike innocence and we all know how a child behaves if showered with love and care they amplify our effort in return so is the case with Mahadev.

The rituals of shivaratri are carried out from the dusk and continue even after the dawn, after all shivaratri is the night of shiva.

To carry out the rituals:

  • First you take bath before sunrise.
  • Then set yourself ready to carry out the shiva stuti which starts by linga abhishekam
  • Abhishekam is carried out by water, honey and milk
  • After it leaves of a tree bel patra are offered to the deity
  • Chanting of the mantras from the vedas is performed in presence of a dhoop and light
The most important mantra that is maha mrityunjaya mantra is chanted at least hundred and eight times which is listed below

"Triyambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam| Urvarukti bandhnaan mrityomukshiya amamrataam||"

Rest the rituals are continued whole night long till the first ray of light reaches to earth

Benefits of Shivratri Rituals:

As already said above that shiva is a giver and the rituals and stuti you perform for him will returned to you only as his divine blessings and everything you need

  • Knowledge and wisdom will prevail in your life
  • Whatever goals you have in life will finally be achieved
  • Abundance and prosperity will follow you wherever you go
  • Wealth flow will never be diminished
  • Couple would be blessed with a harmonious relationship
  • Achieving moksha will be easier for you