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Maha Shivratri Fast

 Maha Shivratri Fast Importance of Maha Shivratri Fast:

First, it is important to know what shivratri is. Why do we celebrate it?

Shivratri is actually a Sanskrit words shiva and ratri which means the night of shiva. Every month falls a night which is moonless and this night is dedicated to lord shiva, the real reason behind it is that the meaning of the name shiva is presence of nothing, something that has its presence in light and also present beyond the darkness.

Even the science today believes that the universe began from nothing which we know by the name of "big bang theory" the presence of this nothingness is shiva and the night with no moon is shivaratri.

Now, if we go by logic, something that is present beyond nothing and everything originated from this nothingness is the source of everything right?

So without a doubt he is the supreme deity and those who worship this supreme deity must be blessed in the ways one can only imagine and our sacred vedas give us the methods to worship this deity we know as Mahadev.

Benefits of Maha Shivratri Fast:

A shivratri fast is considered most sacred as this acts as a channel to connect with the source, everything only finds a meaning when it meet its source like a river finds its source in sea so does our soul in shiva and shivaratri fast acts as a medium to achieve it, the benefits of this fast is of enormous rate but we are listing a few:

  • Fear of death and failures will vanish from your life
  • Attaining moksha with shiva blessing becomes very easy.
  • No amount of paranormal beings, spirits and ghosts will be able to affect you.
  • Gaining success at everything you want will become achievable.
  • You will acquire the will to make anything you wish possible for yourself.
  • Men are blessed to be ideal
  • Women are blessed with the desired child and husband