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Maha Shivaratri Vrat

 Maha Shivaratri Vrat Shivratri Vrat Katha

There are many stories that are associated with the shivratri vrat some of them are more known to people than others as they are only told when the vedas or shiva puraan is recited by those who understand them well.

One such story is the story of hunter who was having hard luck hunting any animal and his family was dying of hunger even the house he was living in was under the debt of a rich man who he was unable to pay and was very depressed.

Early morning he went to find any animal he can hunt and make his family eat, he himself have been hungry from two days and has not eaten anything, finally he found a spot on a bel tree and there he waited for the hunt.

The whole day passed and nothing appeared which he can kill out of desperation he started throwing the leaves of the tree on the ground, he had no idea that under the tree was a shivling made of mud which he was throwing leaves at, dawn arrived and it started to rain and still there was nothing he could hunt.

It has been a complete day being hungry and have not anything he could take back home, finally he came down from tree and saw the shivling without realizing that in disguise he have made a successful shivaratri fast.

Finally disheartened finding his way home he saw a lake where he finally hunted a fish which he took home, when he slew the fish a stone came out it which was shining the dark realizing that it was diamond he had tears in his eyes as he saw all his problems been resolved. Shiva blessed him and his family which finally helped them attains moksha from the world

Masik shivaratri vrat vidhi

Masik shivratri vrat is observed on the fourteenth night of every month which is marked by presence of no moon.

The Vrat Vidhi Involves :

  • First taking bath early morning before sunrise
  • Wearing clean clothing preferable white
  • Followed by lingam abhishekam with water, milk and honey
  • Offering flowers and leaves on the lingam
  • Chanting shiva aarti and reciting mantras from vedas to do shiva stuti
  • Followed by maha mrityunjaya mantra at least hundred and eight times