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Shiva Gayatri Siddhi Jaap and Yagna


Significance of Shiva gayatri siddhi


Shiva is the lord of the lords, the supreme deity that is why he is called as Mahadev and even being at a stature of being the most supreme he has innocence like a child and is a giver of whatever asked that is why he is also called as “bholenath” the most innocent of all.

Shiva has many roop and yet is formless, the very word shiva means as the dark one or the one not present or be seen which eventually means he is present beyond the darkness, the vast emptiness of darkness in space is the trace of shiva and light is only his reflection.

Our vedas especially the Atharva Veda and shiv puraan is dedicated to the understanding of shiva and his influence, which gives us the instructions and method to devote our prayers to the supreme lord and obtain his blessings, one such method is shiva gayatri siddhi, which is complete and whole to achieve all that we want in life.


Benefits of shiva gayatri siddhi jaap and yagna


Shiva gayatri siddhi jaap and yagna is a very powerful method as already explained above and is highly beneficial to the one who performs it but what is most important is that it must be done only by those who fully understands every minute detail of vedic instructions and mantras otherwise the effect will not be seen as your prayers will not reach the deity. A successful puja will gain you the benefits such as


  • All the Navagrah will be in your favor

  • The malefic effect of rahu and ketu will vanish

  • All material gains will be observable

  • Harmony in relationships will be seen

  • Prosperity and abundance will guard your house.

  • Wealth and riches will shower upon you


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