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Maha Shivaratri Fasting Food

Maha Shivaratri Fasting Food Importance of Maha shivratri fasting

Before understanding the importance of maha shivratri fasting, it becomes important to realize the significance of maha shivratri itself. Shivratri is the combination of two words which are "shiva" and "ratri" which forms the meaning the night of shiva.

Now the night of shiva is the night which is completely black and dark which means the night of no moon which falls on the fourteenth day of every month and comes twelve times every year and out of all these the shivratri that comes in the month of phalgun is celebrated as Maha shivratri.

This shivratri is given so much importance because Mahadev got married to Devi parvati on this auspicious day.

Also there are some other important events such as when the poison came out of samundra manthan it was bhagwan shiva who saved the world by drinking it because of which his throat became blue and he was a given the name of "Neelkantha" the night on which all these event occurred is the night of maha shivratri.

Devotees all around the world celebrate this with utmost wait and by observing fast, puja and yagna so they can obtain the auspicious blessings of Shiva.

How to Do Shivratri Fasting ?

Shivratri fasting is observed by first offering your prayers to shiva which include the following steps

  • First taking bath early morning before sunrise
  • Wearing clean clothing preferable white
  • Followed by lingam abhishekam with water, milk and honey
  • Offering flowers and leaves on the lingam
  • Chanting shiva aarti and reciting mantras from vedas to do shiva stuti
  • Followed by maha mrityunjaya mantra at least hundred and eight times

"Triyambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam| Urvarukti bandhnaan mrityomukshiya amamrataam||"

Then following your fast throughout the day and night by observing meditation with omkar chanting.

Shiva Fasting Foods:

On this auspicious day normal food is avoided and many other special food items are prepared which those who keep fast on this auspicious day, some important food items that can be eaten on this day are listed below:

  • Shiva favorite thandai
  • Sweet pudding or kheer made up of sabudana (sago) seeds
  • Khichdi
  • Special raita of shivaratri
  • Pudding (halwa) of lauki
All these food items are eaten because they are prepared without the presence of any spices and are satva gun food and are eaten to observe your fast being in a positive healthy state. Make your maha shivratri successful this year by following all the Vedic rituals to obtain the divine blessings of shiva in your life.