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Shiv Shakti maha puja


Significance of Shiv Shakti


Shiva and Shakti are two embodiments of one soul; they were before time and light and in the both as well. If shiva is beyond nothingness then Shakti is nothingness, they can’t be separated and cannot be defined without each other. If you are devotee to shiva then Shakti has to be a part of it because both acts as same, even the vedas have listed the methods to worship the deities in a proper way and Yajur Veda list all the necessary mantras that must be performed to please the both through shiv Shakti maha puja. It is mentioned even in the shiv puraan that if both are worshiped together with proper rituals than all that you wish to achieve can become possible for you


Benefits of Shiv Shakti maha puja


This is one of the most important puja as both the supreme deities forms are worshiped in it but what is important to keep in mind is to follow all the rituals correctly to perform this puja as it includes combination of powerful mantras which are of miraculous powers and if not performed properly the affect will not be seen. A well performed puja will gain you the divine and auspicious blessings of Mahadev and Shakti and you can observe the benefits such as


  • All your work will gain positive impact and will flourish your life with success

  • Prosperity and abundance will flow in your life

  • You will never be short of wealth and riches in your life

  • Fame and glory will flow to you wherever you go

  • A protective circle will be made around you and your family

  • Business and career will be profitable

  • Relationship with your partner will be harmonious

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