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Shardiya Navratri 2016


Shardiya Navratri significance


Shardiya Navratri is dedicated to goddess durga like all others. This navaratri comes in the later months of the year and like all navaratri parva this one is also celebrated for nine and ten nights, the last night of the navaratri is celebrated as Vijaya dashami, the other celebration which is associated with the parva is the celebration of Dusshera as well and because of such importance this navaratri is also known by the name of Maha navaratri.


Shardiya falls in ashwin shukla paksha of sharad time; it is from this the name of the navaratri has been derived.


Each day is celebrated to the different nine incarnation of the goddess which is known as


  • Day 1 is dedicated to Shailputri roop
  • Day 2 is dedicate to Chandraghanta roop
  • Day 3 is dedicated to Kushmanda roop
  • Day 4 is dedicated to Skanda Devi
  • Day 5 is dedicated to Katyayani goddess
  • Day 6 is dedicated to kalratri devi
  • Day 7 is dedicated to Mahagauri goddess
  • Day 8 is dedicated to Siddhidatra devi
  • Day 9 is completely dedicated maa durga, though she is worshiped on all the days.


These days some region of the country also worships the adishakti roop of Devi along with goddess durga


Important rituals of the days


  • Each day is observed by keeping fast in the name of maa durga and other roop
  • Begin your day by taking bath before sunrise
  • Then dress yourself into clean and nice clothes preferably white
  • Perform your puja with the durga mata prayers
  • Finish by sprinkling gangajal in every room of your house


The most important ritual that is done in Shardiya navaratri is preparing cow dungs and keeping a kapur in it and the auspicious smoke is then rotated throughout the house to remove negativity from your life.


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