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Shani Sadhe Sati Remedies

Shani Sadhe Sati Remedies


Importance of Shani dev


Shani dev is the god who rules the planet Saturn; he is the son of Lord Surya and Devi chaya and brother of Yam dev the god of afterlife. According to the legends when shani dev was born for the very first time surya dev his father went under the full eclipse and this is the reason why both son and father don’t get along with each other.


Shani dev keeps an account of our deeds in our life time and bless us for our good doings and punishes for the wrong and injustice we have done in our life.




Effects of Shani Sade sati


Shani Sade sati is the toughest time when shani tests a person and creates hurdles that seem impossible to go through, mostly this happens for a period of seven and half year and a person can face problems such as


  • Losing home and ancestral property
  • Failure in business and career can be observed
  • Clashes and conflicts in the relationship of a person can also be observed
  • Attracting enemies in your life for no reason
  • Wisdom and knowledge of the person is choked which makes him take unfruitful decisions in life
  • Accidents and untimely death can also be observed


Shani Sadhe sati remedies


Shani Sade sati remedies are the work of our great rishis and sages who worked very long to understand vedas created by lord brahma and related solutions to minimize this effect by


  • Shani sade sati nivaran puja
  • Shani dosha nivaran puja
  • Shani bhagwan shanti mantra jaap and yagna
  • Navgraha shanti nivaran puja


Our service

We as a service have collaborated to help the mankind through spiritual methods. We are dedicated team of genuine practionar who have studding Vedic practice since the age of six years and can produce accurate and precise results for you, if you wish to have Shani Sade sati remedies than leave us a query on our website or contact us on our helpline number.