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Shani Puja

 Shani Puja


Planet Shani is the son of Lord Sun. Shani is known as the most dreaded planet and a stern teacher. It is believed that Shani can make a person either a king or a beggar according to its placement in horoscope. Shani plays an important role in everyone’s life both in failures and successes.


If Shani is well placed in anyone’s horoscope then that person achieves good health, success in career, healthy and harmonious domestic life.


And if Shani’s placement is bad then it destroys consciousness, builds negativity, creates health issues, makes married life unsuccessful and it creates hurdles for any achievement and growth both in personal and professional level.


The person who has malefic Shani in horoscope faces troubles and difficulties for the entire life. In this circumstance Shani Puja is highly recommended to minimize its ill influences and to strengthen the positive sides for bringing fortune and success in life.


Puja procedures are: Avahaan mantra, Sankalp Puja, Prayers of all Gods and Goddesses, Navagrah mantra chanting, Lord Shiv and Hanuman Puja, Hanuman Chalisa Japa, Shani Abhishek, Shani Chalisa Japa, Shani Mantra chanting for 23000 times, oil offering and other offerings. And the Homa requires Cow ghee, sugar, honey, sweets, Sandalwood, Navagrah Samidha and the final ritual is Purnahuti and prasad distribution.




|| Om Pram Preem Proum Sah Shanaischaraya Namah ||




  • Relieves from prolonged mental and physical illness
  • Minimizes malefic influence of Saturn
  • Develops positivity and righteous attitude
  • Blesses with prosperous and peaceful family life
  • Brings good health and success
  • Builds strong will power to deal with difficulties
  • Resolves marital conflicts
  • Makes love life strong
  • Gives long and dignified life


It is also believed that observing fast on Saturday also helps to appease Planet Shani to reduce ill influence.


Shani is one of the most powerful planets and influences every aspects of life. Bad placement of Shani can be minimized by Shani Shanti Puja and this is widely suggested and accepted to resolve many issues of life that includes personal life and professional achievements.