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Shani Puja at Makar Sankranti

Shani Puja at Makarsankranti

Makar Sankranti is one of the very special days in Hindu Religion. There are various to celebrate Makarsankranti. It’s not only a festival belongs to new crop/harvest, but it holds astrological value as well.


On this auspicious day, Sun changes its side and gets enter into the zodiac sign Makar. And it brings a lot of positive signs and happiness.


Apart from it this day is very auspicious as Bhishma Pitamah left his body and King Bhagirath brought Holy Ganga to Earth. As per Hindu mythology, Surya Puja and ShaniPujaare considered very auspicious.


Benefits of Performing Shani Puja at Makar Sankranti Puja


Makar Sankranit is the best time to perform ShaniPuja. There can be various reasons to worship Shani on this day. If Saturn is creating problems in your life, perform ShaniPuja at MakarSankranti.


It can make Shani in your horoscope cool and calm. On this day, SuyaPuja is performed by a number of devotees.


As per mythology, it’s believed that Lord Surya visits his son Lord Shani. The zodiac sign Capricorn is dominated by Lord Shani. Performing ShaniPuja also helps to pamper the physical and mental health. In order to remove all kinds of problem from life, SHaniPuja at MakarSankranti is best remedial solutions. Apart from it, for achieving success in job, career, business, study etc., ShaniPuja is very beneficial.


Why ShaniPuja Is Very Beneficial To Perform On This Day?


As per mythology, Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya. Though, they both shared the relationship as father and son but they don’t go along with each-other. But on this day of MakarSankranti, they both get forget bitterness and share good time with each other. And that’s the reason which makes the devotees to worship both Lord Surya and Lord Shani.


Those who have been facing a number of problems in their life because of Shani can worship Lord Shani on this day to make him cool and calm. And that’s why many people organize ShaniPuja on this day especially. Since Makar Rashi is ruled by Lord Shani, performing ShaniPuja for the people belongs to the zodiac sign Makar is considered essential.


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