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Shani Dosha

Shani Dosha



What is Shani Dosha?


Shani dosh occurs when the planet shani known as Saturn in English occupies an important house in a person’s kundali and exerts its force on other planets as well.


Basically it becomes the dominant planet in a person’s life especially in the house first, fourth, seventh and tenth house in the major zodiac houses except a few. This affecting position of shani is called shani dosha.




How it affects you?


Shani dosha can create a lot of problems in a person life which can be visible through.


  • The constant failures in life regardless of continuous efforts.
  • Relationships of the person do not work out well.
  • Loss in business and career is observed.
  • Monetary shortage occurs in life.
  • Accidents and death can also be observed in some cases.


Methods to remove it


Now, what is important to know about shani dev is that most people fear him without a reason that presence of him will create problems but shani bhagwan is the god keeps justice in his doing, if you are doing something wrong than his effects will be worst for you and good doing will attract great fortune.


Still if you are facing the wrath of shani dosha in your life than there are many remedies that are present and have been provided in our Vedas such as


  • Shani dosh nivaran puja
  • Shani bhagwan mantra jaap and yagna
  • Shani shanti puja
  • Navgraha shanti and nivaran puja


Our service

We as a service have collaborated to help the mankind through spiritual methods. We are dedicated team of genuine practionar who have studding Vedic practice since the age of six years and can produce accurate and precise results for you, if you wish to remove shani dosha than leave us a query on our website or contact us on our helpline number.