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Shaligram is believed as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to religious scriptures Lord Vishnu took the form of demon Jalandhar to destroy the Satipuja of Jalandhar’s wife Brindha.


The Puja was so powerful that it was protecting Jalandhar from all kind of harms. When Brindha realized the truth and came to know that Lord Vishnu has taken the form of her husband to break her puja and to kill Jalandhar, she cursed lord Vishnu to become stone, grass, tree and plant. And Shaligram is the stone form.




Shaligram is only available in Kaligandaki and Muktinabh in Nepal. There are different shapes of Shaligram available that might be small, big, round or oval. Some Shaligram has chakra inside and some are simple.


Color: Black Shaligram are more popular but other colors are also available like blue, green, and white and yellow.


A shaligram is a very auspicious object as per the Hindu mythology, beliefs and rituals. Each and every shaligram is dedicated to the lord Vishnu, the supreme deity of the Hindu trinity.


Importance of Shaligram


According to the legends the origin of shaligram is associated to a very interesting chapter of our religion. It is believed that the lord of the lords, Mahadev himself was under meditation from a very long time, thousands of years passed by and he was still meditating, to obstruct his doing one demon approached him and started creating problems and finally made him come out of his meditative state angered by his doing, Mahadev burned him with the effect of his third eye but what resulted on doing this event was an origin of another demon who was a complete replica of shiva in power in looks but not in doing as he was a demon.


The name of this demon was Jalandhar and he was so powerful that he became the leader of all the three worlds and controlled the heaven, the earth and the underworld, he was unstoppable and the only power which was left to stop him was lord shiva himself both went it to a fight with each other but the result was indecisive.


All the devtas went to Vishnu and he suggested that only if their wives purity is maligned then only one of them will be weak enough to get defeated. Lord shiva did not agreed to do such a work but the news break into the ears of jalandhar and he disguised himself as shiva and approached Devi parvati but was identified and was thrown out, outraged on his doing devi parvati approached lord vishnu to do the same to jalandhar’s wife as an act of revenge and he agreed to do so


Now the wife of jalandhar was a staunch follower of lord Vishnu on betrayed by her own supreme deity she cursed him to be turned into a shapeless black stone as an incarnation and that stone was known by the name of Shaligram.


In all together thee more than twenty five types of shaligram are found, each is dedicated to the different forms of lord Vishnu.



शालिग्राम के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे:


Types of Shaligram: There are 19 types of Shaligram, names are given below:


  • Lakshminarayan
  • Lakshmijanardan
  • Raghunath
  • Dadhivamana
  • Shridhar
  • Dammodar
  • Ranarama
  • Rajarajeswar
  • Ananta
  • Madhusudan
  • Sudarshan
  • Gadadhar
  • Hayagriva
  • Narsimha
  • Lakshminarshima
  • Vassudeva
  • Pradyumna
  • Shankarshan
  • Aniridha


Benefits of worshipping Shaligram


  • Purifies heart and body
  • Protects from evil power
  • Gets rid of sin
  • Promotes righteous living
  • Gives prosperity
  • Blesses with good health