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Seven Chakra Healing Stone

Seven Chakra Healing Stone


Seven Chakra is a group of 7 stunning and healing stones. They are always put together. They cannot be separated. All these seven stones belong to the seven chakra of the human body.


Carrying these all seven chakra close to body play and enormous role to heal and balance all of them in an accurate manner. This seven chakra also known for having a great connection to the seven layers of the aura. Each stone has its significant value.


It affects and balance the wearer’s spirituality, emotions and physical activities. The smell of these stones helps to createa positive environment around the wearer.






  • All thesecolourful stones are known for having great healing factor.
  • For the people who are quite conscious about their health and personal growth, can wear it in the form of a ring, mala, bracelet etc.
  • It’s widely known for healing of mind, body and spirit.
  • It affects you whole Chakra System and raise the opportunity to catch a number of positive raises. There is a total number of 7 Chakras which is being explored. First Chakra for Smell/earth, second Chakra- taste/water, third chakra- sight/fire. Fourth chakra- touch/air, fifth chakra-hearing/sound, sixth chakra- sixth sense and the seventh chakra separates from the world.
  • All these seven stones help to entrain and restores your energy back to a harmonious state.




  • It’s widely used for balancing all seven chakras of the human body.
  • These colourful stones help to get connected to the positive waved of environment.
  • It keeps you connected with the good energy.
  • It’s mostly used to control the wearer’s emotions.

You may carry Seven Chakra Healing Stone, if you wish to balance and control all the seven chakras of the body.