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Secrets about Kamakhya Temple

Secrets about Kamakhya Temple





Mata Kamakhya is one of the 51 Sakti peeths and more popular among tantriks.


Mata Kamakhya is worshipped by devotees of all over India and she symbolizes female power and energy as the Yoni of Mata Sati is worshipped there.






Some Facts and Secrets of Kamakhya Temple


  • One of the oldest Sakti peeths
  • Situated on the top of the Nilachal Hill of Guwahati
  • No image is worshipped there, only a yoni is placed in the corner of a cave
  • Small temples of ten Mahavidyas are built there
  • This place is very popular among tantriks and all tantriks think to visit this temple at least once to get siddhi in tantra knowledge
  • This temple was being neglected and was destroyed since 1665 until it was rebuilt by King Naranarayan
  • The main chamber of temple is known as the garva griha where the Yoni is placed
  • Mata Sati’s Yogi is placed in this place
  • That symbolizes female power and strength
  • One demon named Narak wanted to marry Mata Kamakhya and to save herself from that demon Mata Kamakhya put a condition in front of the demon to built a staircase from the of the bottom of Nilachal Hill to temple entrance within one night. Demon accepted that challenge and when he was about to complete that staircase Mata created a voice of crow by strangling a cock to give the impression of dawn to Narak. Hearing that voice Narak thought he could not finish his job in time and left that place.
  • Mata Kamakya is also known as bleeding Goddess as Mata bleeds in the month of Ashad and at that time water of Brahmaputra near kamakhmya turns red.
  • Eight different types of festivals are observed here.


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