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Sarv kashta Nivaran Yantra

Sarv kashta Nivaran Yantra

Sarv Kashta Nivarna Yantra is considered very powerful and effective. It has the combined power of sixteen Gods and Goddesses. It is believed that the worshipper of this Yantra gets all the happiness in his life.


He gets both material growth and spiritual achievements and never faces any kinds of troubles and difficulties in life. This Yantra can resolve all your professional and personal problems.


How to Worship Sarv kashta Nivaran Yantra


You need to follow some strict rules to worship this Yantra. First clean your body and mind. Get a clean and sacred place in the east or north direction for keeping this Yantra. Do not allow any other person to touch the Yantra.


You can use rose water and milk to clean this Yantra. Worship it with flowers, incense stick, and sandalwood paste. Yo can also lit candle and diya while worshipping.


Once it is done, you can concentrate on the Yantra and pray the Gods and Goddess to fulfill all your desires and to help you to make progress both in the material and spiritual sphere.


Benefits of the Sarv kashta Nivaran Yantra


There are many benefits of this Yantra. First of all, by worshipping this Yantra, you will get the blessing of sixteen Gods and Goddesses. It will help you to get a solution of all problems of your life. Some of the other benefits of the Yantra are given below.


  • It helps to get final emancipation that is Mokshya. By worshipping this Yantra, you will make significant improvements in the field of spirituality
  • It helps to build to strong willpower and positivity
  • It brings wealth, comfort and prosperity
  • It blesses with a good health and helps to remove health complications
  • It protects from accidents
  • It creates peaceful environments at home
  • It reduces the ill influences of all the nine planets


It has many other benefits. Worship this Yantra to get all the above benefits.


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