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Sarv Siddh Rudraksha Combination

Sarv Siddh Rudraksha Combination


This is solely for the ones who wish to lead their lives their own way, for the ambitious few who take their success very seriously. are surely meant for you.


If you yearn for balance and prosperity in relationships, both at the private as well as social levels,ifyou believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body,sarvsiddhrudraksha combinations are surely meant for you.




Rudraksha basically stands for ‘rudra’ ‘ aksha’ meaning tears of Lord Shiva. These are rare blessings of God that inculcate tremendous powers within themselves for their wearers. We painstakingly bring together these authentic Rudraksha ranging from 2 Mukhi rudraksha to 16 Mukhi ones. All are Rudraksha are certified by Government Labs.


Painstakingly looked after and empowered with mantras chanted by our gurus in a manner that these combinations become invaluable double bracelets or malas radiating positivity and powers to transform your dreams to reality.


Combinations are Unique


Rudraksha combinations should be carefully made by experts, as any mistake in this part may prove harmful for the wearers. We are the experts always ready to help you create combinations most suitable to solve your specific problems.


  • Ek Mukhi rudraksha enhances spirituality and divinity. It is the truest symbol of Lord Shiva.
  • Mukhirudraksha enhances relationships.
  • Mukhirudraksha enhances confidence; best suited for introverts and depressed people. It also heals ailments related to blood.
  • Mukhirudraksha enhances creativity and originality.
  • PanchMukhiRudraksha enhances prosperity and Good Luck
  • Mukhirudraksha are safest for the children. It enhances wisdom.
  • Mukhirudraksha ensures financial security for the wearer.
  • Mukhirudraksha ensures professional success.
  • Mukhirudraksha depreciates anger and enhances calmness.
  • Mukhirudraksha protects from all evil.
  • Mukhirudraksha reduces fear.
  • Mukhirudraksha is prescribed for the government servants.
  • Mukhirudraksha bestows spirituality.


Rudraksha in the SarvSiddh Combination


“2 to 16 Face Rudraksha Mala in Silver or Gold Capping.”


Effects of these combinations


The health benefits and a proven track record of healing ailments even as serious as heart problems assure the wearers a healthy and happy lifespan.


But, we reiterate that do not buy these combinations from touts as you may end up getting fake wooden pieces that are just common lookalikes.


Combined together with a silver base chain and all spiritual knowledge of our siddh yogis, these combinations ensure that you shine like a polished diamond amongst neighboring stones. Do you wish to shine? Then buy now…


If you want more information about the SarvSiddhRudraksha Combination, call us at 095825155505 or 09870286388. KamiyaSindoor will always be there to help you and gladly answer all your queries. We will also guide and provide you with customized combinations for your specific problems.