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Sarv Siddh Rudraksha Bracelet

Sarv Siddh Rudraksha Bracelet


Lord Brahma has created and endowed us all with the life of a Human Being. But what we achieve in our life has been left on us.


We assume and accept ourselves as lesser beings or strive to achieve a life befitting greater beings, have been left on our karma. To provide your karma the appropriate path towards greatness, we bring forth the sarvsiddhRudraksha Bracelets.




These bracelets are made with genuine rudraksha originating from the very rare Rudrakshatrees, blessed by Lord Shiva himself.


These Rudraksha’s are treated and cared for very sensitively and then empowered by chants of mantras by our gurus, thus all due care is taken to ensure the power inculcated in these blessings not only remain intact, rather are enhanced to a level where the wearer becomes capable enough to transcend birth chart and luck limitations.


Rudraksha Uses in the SarvSiddh Bracelet


“2 to 16 Face Rudraksha in Bracelet with silver or Gold Capping.”


Combining Different Rudraksha


Powerful combinations of Rudraksha ranging from 2mukhi Rudraksha to 16 mukhiRudraksha, they represent all planets and work in sync with the human chakras of the wearer , making him the recipient of divine blessings.


These all powerful rudraksha are combined together keeping in sync their faces by silver capping to be worn in the wrist or upper arm.


How to Wear Them


To achieve most favorable results, they should be washed with milk and worn after the morning bath and offering prayers to Lord Shiva.


Effects Expected


It assures wealth and prosperity, both in family and relationships.


It tends to depreciate fear, stress and depression, thus reducing negativity.


Sarv Siddh Rudraksha bracelets also decrease body pains and other physical ailments.


If you wish to experience first-hand how it feels when God and luck smiles upon you, order now this set of SarvSiddhRudraksha Bracelets.


If you want more information about the SarvSiddhRudraksha bracelets, call us at 095825155505 or 09870286388. KamiyaSindoor will always be there to help you and gladly answer all your queries.