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Saraswati Ganesh Puja for Failure in Education

 Saraswati Ganesh Puja for Failure in Education



Education world is changing at a rapid pace. The students have to face a lot of pressure especially when they have important exams. Failure in education can lead to problems in career and students may have to drop out of school or college for certain years. Therefore, it’s recommended that a student should go in for Saraswati Ganesh Puja. Ganesh Ji would help you to give a new start to your education whereas Saraswati Ji would help you to become more intelligent.




Mantras of the Ganesh Saraswati Puja:


  • Om Gum Ganapataye Namah
  • Saraswati Namasthubhyam,

Varade Kamarupini,

Vidhyarambam Karishyami,

Siddhir Bavathume Sadha


Key aspects of Ganesh Saraswati Puja:


  • The first mantra is of Ganesh Ji and the second is of Saraswati Mata. Both are good for students
  • eeking to get away from educational failures.
  • Staphna of Ganesh and Saraswati idols is essential for this puja.
  • This puja can include the parents of the child or any person seeking career enhancement.
  • This puja can be done by the student alone too.
  • Chanting various mantras praising Ganesh and Saraswati Ji is highly recommended.
  • Decorating the idols of Ganesh Ji and Saraswati Ji is also considered vital.
  • Offerings such as ornaments, lamp, etc. is also vital


Benefits of Ganesh Saraswati Puja:


  • This puja will play a key role in invoking the artistic talents of children as well as youngsters.
  • This puja will save you from the education and career related failures.
  • This puja is also great for people who are looking for career enhancement.
  • This puja will help you to be more intellectually rich which will assist you in learning new things at a rapid pace and get good marks at school or college.

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