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Rudram Chamakam Yagna

Importance of Rudram chamakam yagna


Our vedas are full of hymns to evoke different deities and each god is evokes and reached through these hymns and mantras alone. Now, the hymn that is used to worship the rudra avatar of lord shiva is called as rudra prashana which is found in one of the most important vedas of all four known to be as the Yajur Veda.


The other common name by which we know rudra prashana is namakam, it is an ancient Sanskrit word which means the detachment and when you recite the namakam yagna you actually making your soul detach from what is not important and illusive and is standing between you and your creator lord shiva. All your past sins which you did in your past life will be washed away and your soul will be cleansed to become the pure consciousness.


Now, what is important is that all of these mantras of rudram chamakam yagna are very complicated and must be performed only in the presence of a genuine practionar who have been studding the vedas from a very long time is now trained to perform the rituals.


This is very important because these mantras are of miraculous powers and if invoked in a wrong manner can have negative impact instead of making you experience the blessings of your deity.


Benefits of Rudram chamakam yagna


A properly performed yagna and abhishekam will make you observe the benefits you cannot even imagine


  • All the Navagrah will be in your favor.
  • The malefic effect of negative forces will parish from your life.
  • No amount of ghosts, spirits and paranormal beings will be able to affect you.
  • Abundance and prosperity will flow in your life.
  • Success and fame will be a permanent part of your life.
  • Wealth and riches will be an integral part of your life.
  • All the past sins of your past and this life will be removed.
  • Attaining moksha will become much easier.


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