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Rudraksha for Career

 Rudraksha for Career

Why did your friend receive the promotion that you worked hard to achieve? Why did your favorable posting slipped from your hands to some other colleague? Why does your boss suddenly seem favorable to other colleagues?


If your conditions are somewhat similar to these, we have a solution for you. Our career power pendant is your one–stop solution.




Rudraksha was a blessing of Lord Shiva to humankind, when he found it in a deplorable state. His tears of love towards us gave birth to Rudraksha.


Thus, they have the power to transform your losses to your gains and remove all obstacles in the path of success of your career. We have further empowered each of this Rudraksha with 51,000 japs respectively.


Combination Details


  • To reiterate, that we bring you authentic rare Rudraksha seeds, each of our Rudraksha is certified by the Government Labs
  • We have created an optimum combination of 2 MukhiRudraksha, 4 MukhiRudraksha and 6 MukhiRudraksha to bless your career. Each Rudraksha in this combination has a specific role to play to make the star of your career outshine the others.

  • 2 MukhiRudraksha symbolizes Lord Ardhaneeshwar or the united form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti themselves. Thus, it ensures wealth and success.
  • 4 MukhiRudraksha symbolizes God Brihaspati, Guru of the Gods. It helps to gain knowledge and wisdom.
  • 6 MukhiRudraksha symbolizes Lord Kartikeya. Thus, it will fulfill all your desires and provide you with youthful charm.


How to Wear


This powerful combination should be worn on a Wednesday after offering prayers to Lord Shiva. The Jap of“OM NAMAH SHIVAY” should be done 101 times.


Effects Expected


  • Ensures growth in career
  • Ensures better opportunities
  • Ensures favorable luck
  • Ensures success for the wearer
  • You will become the shining star of your office.


If you want more information about the Rudraksha combination for career, call us at 09870286388. Kamiya Sindoor will always be there to help you and gladly answer all your queries.


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