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Rudraksha Siddh Mala

Rudraksha Siddh Mala

When you yearn for the moon, you do not and should not stop or compromise on man-made satellites. Rudraksha siddha mala is the ultimate ammunition required to face and fight-off all negativity intended to pull you down and you gain heights you earlier only could dream off.




Rudraksha beads are born off rudraksha trees which in itself have originated from tears of Rudra Lord Shiva. Thus, these beads are very rare, specifically the original ones with vertical divisions or mukhis.


Do not buy them from touts who may actually fool you with cheap wooden pieces with actually having no real powers. We provide you with genuine certified pieces, so you may achieve value much more than what you pay for.


Creation of the Mala


Each of these mukhi rudraksha you buy from us are original, authentic and certified from Government Labs. These are cared for from the day they are taken from the rudraksha tree and all empowered by the havans and yagnas of our siddh yogis.


These rare mukhi rudraksha ranging from 1 mukhi ( ek mukhi rudraksha) to 14 mukhi rudraksha that have been painstakingly bought together by silver capping, so you may achieve peace and prosperity befitting saints and kings.


Apart fom the mukhi rudraksha, the Gauri Shanker rudraksha and the Ganesh Rudraksha complete this invaluable offering sealed with 7 crore mantras and all spiritual knowledge we possess.


Rudraksha Uses in the Siddh Mala


“1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha + Gauri Shankar + Ganesha Rudraksha”.


How to Wear


This mala should be worn after a bath early morning, preferably on a Monday after offering prayers to Lord Shiva.


Effects Expected


Once worn on person, this siddha mala shall balance your chakras in your being and the environment around shall then work together to create circumstances of your success.


All health, relationship, status and financial issues are resolved.


Your life becomes an epitome of dreams fulfilled and ambitions achieved. You ought to pay a small price to be the God of your own world.


If you want more information about the Rudraksha Siddh Mala, call us at 09870286388. Kamiya Sindoor will always be there to help you and gladly answer all your queries.


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