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Rudraksha Siddh Kavach

 Rudraksha Siddh Kavach

Are you suffering from some suddenly imposed bad times? Suddenly or from a certain period of time, does nothing seems to work in the correct direction neither work, career, relationships nor life.


Then, you are in dire consequences and urgently require the siddhkavach to protect you as surely you just might have caught a black eye.




Rudraksha are in itself, a form of Lord Shiva’s blessings to the mankind as they are formed off the tears of the Lord himself.


We meticulously empower each of these Rudraksha by mantras to emit optimum powers. Each of these Rudraksha is also Government Lab certified to maintain your trust in the authenticity of the kavach we will be providing you.


Combination Details


“4 Faces + 5 Faces + 10 Face Rudraksha”


Black Eye and Black Magic are evil powers that can cause havoc to your life.Thus, you require equally or preferably stronger ammunition to ward them off. Our RudrakshaSiddhKavach will definitely come to your rescue.


  • It is a powerful combination of one 1 Mukhirudrakha, with 4Mukhi, 5 Mukhi and 6 MukhiRudraksha. All these Rudraksha pertain to specific powers.
  • 1 MukhiRudraksha pertains to Lord Shiva himself. The wearer gets closer to God himself. Thus, no amount of evil eye can cause any harm.
  • 4 MukhiRudraksha pertains to Lord Brihaspati. The wearer is blessed with intelligence and wisdom to take correct decisions.
  • 5 MukhiRudraksha ensures general well- being and good health.
  • 6 MukhiRudraksha helps you to calm down and focus at problems on hand.


How to Wear


This auspicious silver capped combination should be worn only on a Monday after having a bath. Offer prayers to Lord shiva ’OM NAMAY SHIVAY ’, chant it 101 times and wear the pendant.


Effects Expected


  • It will make you very strong spiritually.
  • It wards off all black magic and black-eye effects completely.
  • It ensures good health and wisdom for the wearer.
  • It will enhance your creativity and intelligence, which is made feeble by the effects of black magic. Use it and see the difference.


If you want more information about the Siddh Rudrak shakavach, call us at 09870286388. KamiyaSindoor will always be there to help you and gladly answer all your queries.


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