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Rudraksha For Sadhe Sati Removal

Rudraksha For Sadhe Sati Removal


As each coin have a head and a flip-side tail. Similarly, to value happiness, each of our lives is granted with a flip-side misery period called the ‘Sadhe Sati Yog’ in our Vedas.


This period lasts for almost 7 .5 years in every 29 years, when the shani or the Saturn planet enters the 12th Zodiac. This period tends to darken all facets of the life of a human being. Each individual tends to face this period 2 to 3 times in their life span.




Since Rudraksha are the blessings of God Shiva’s own mystical eyes to us mortals, they give us the ultimate protection from and the power to vehemently fight of the degrading effects of sadhe sati yog.


Our Guru has himself empowered this combination with numerous Yagnas and Jaap of 1 lakh mantras to provide you a shield that will save you from the destruction caused by this Yog.


Combination Details


“2 Beads of 8 Mukhi and 9 Mukhi Rudraksha”


Each Rudraksha ranging from the 1 Mukhi Rudraksha to the 21 Mukhi Rudraksha, have inherent specific divine powers attached. Thus, choosing a wrong Rudraksha, is like taking a crocin for stomach ache. It will only cause trouble.


We are the experts here and always happy to help you.


Our Guruji, with his unlimited spiritual knowledge has created a very powerful combination of two 7 Mukhi Rudraksha to face-off the very difficult phase of Sadhe sati for you.


7 Mukhi Rudraksha is very dear to Lord Shiva. He is blessed by Maa Lakshmi as the ruling planet of this rudraksha is Saturn or Shani itself. Thus, it helps to pacify the strong ill-effects of the Sadhe Sati Yog.


How to Wear


This powerful combination should be worn on a Monday and preferably on a Maa Shivratri or a Maha Shivratri or poornima or amavasya, after a bath and offering prayers to Lord Shiva. Shiva chalisa should be read 7 times.


Effects Expected


  • Sure Shot way to face Sadhe sat courageously.
  • It even tends to fulfill other desires of the wearer.
  • All the obstacles will be removed. We assure it.


If you want more information about the RudrakshaCombination for Sadhe Sati Removal, call us at 09870286388. Kamiya Sindoor will always be there to help you and gladly answer all your queries.


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