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Rudraksha For Meditation and Yoga

 Rudraksha For Meditation and Yoga

Everything that is created in this world including humans is to be destroyed in one form or the other. Nothing is permanent except souls and God. The basic purpose of our soul is to get its place in the foot of the Great Lord.


Yoga is basically attaining peace by meditation in such a way that you feel much closer to the Great Lord.




Rudraksha is the word derived from Rudra -Aksha meaning the eyes of Rudra or The great Lord Shiva. According to puranas, the tears that fell from the eyes of Lord Shiva developed into the sacred Rudraksha trees.



We have very carefully chosen authentic rudraksha for you, empowered them with mantras and then even got them Government Labs certified.


Rudraksha Details


“5 MukhiRudraksha Mala 108 Beads”


To attain Moksha is the wholesome goal of all existent souls on this earth. To meet the God, we required to attain spiritual knowledge that tends to unite us with the God.


The only way to moksha, transcends through the lanes of Lord Shiva and you require the 1 mukhirudraksha on this way. Yoga is complete only with the 1 mukhirudraksha.


1 MukhiRudraksha is a medicine in itself. Health disorders like heart problems, mental anxiety, TB, paralysis, stroke, eye problem, bone pain, head ache etc. are sure to be resolved.


How to Wear


This is the most powerful rudraksha. Thus, it should be worn only on a Monday or preferably on a MahaShivratrior Mahashivratri or Amavasya orPurnima. After bath, offer prayers and panchamrit to shivshila.


Effects Expected


  • It is a moon shaped rudraksha that fulfills all the desires of its wearer.
  • It no doubt removes health disorders including heart ailment from the wearer or the family that worships it.

  • It is said that it removes the sin as big as Brahmin slaughter just by its sight.
  • It helps to attain salvation.

  • It shall definitely bring you close to your creator. It is simply divine.


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