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Rudraksha For Good Health and Peace of Mind

 Rudraksha For Good Health and Peace of Mind

It is rightfully said that ‘Health is Wealth’. If you are a recipient of good health, you can earn any amount of wealth, you can enjoy that wealth, relationships, creations of God, in short everything.


Without good health, you end up being only a burden, both for yourself and your family. We wish to gift you this invaluable good health in the form of our Rudraksha combination for health and peace of mind.




We understand that Rudraksha are actually forms of blessings of Lord Shiva, thus we care for them the way our Puranas subscribe.


Rudraksha original seeds are very rare in nature, thus our guru empowers each of these pieces by his mantras and Yagnas through his spiritual powers. Each of this Rudraksha is even certified by Government Labs of being authentic.


Combination for Health and Peace of Mind


“5 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala Min 21 Beads Max 108 beads”


The spiritual knowledge of our Guru accumulated over a span of several years has provided him the prowess to create combinations to resolve your specified issues.


It is a powerful combination of two 3 Mukhi Rudraksha and three 5 Mukhi Rudraksha.


3 Mukhi Rudraksha epitomizes Lord Agni which burns away all ailments and health disorders.


5 Mukhi Rudraksha epitomizes Lord Shiva himself. It protects your health and provides peace of mind.


How to Use


This combination should be worn on a Monday morning after bath and offering prayers and milk to Lord Shiva.


Effects Expected


All your physical ailments will end. All issues including stomach problems, heart ailments, asthma, diarrhea, etc. are sure to be resolved.


You will regain health.


A healthy body breeds a healthy mind. So regain health for yourself and your ailing parents, or some other family member. Bring home this Rudraksha combination for health and peace of mind.


If you want more information about the Rudraksha combination for health and peace of mind, call us at 09870286388. Kamiya Sindoor will always be there to help you and gladly answer all your queries.


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