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Rudra Abhishekam and Yagna

 Rudra Abhishekam and Yagna
Importance of Rudra abhishekam

Shiva is known by many names and rudra is one of them which means the fierce one, it is the most angry and dangerous form of lord shiva and abhishekam is the purification of the lingam that is dedicated to the lord shiva.

A proper abhishekam is done as per the guidelines and instruction given by lord brahma in his vedas and has been followed the same way from thousands of years by all the great sages and rishis of hinduism

A successful Rudra Abhishekam is completed with the yagna which is a combination of the powerful mantras from the vedas which must be performed only by those who are trained to do so otherwise the effects and benefits you hope will not be observed. This is a different than then the normal stuti of Mahadev which requires the proper knowledge of Vedic instructions.

Benefits of Rudra Abhishekam and Yagna

A well performed rudra abhishekam followed by yagna will make you observe the divine blessings of lord shiva which can definitely vary from one person to another as not everybody is facing the same problem is it?

But some major forms of blessings such as

  • Observance of wealth flow in your life
  • Success in career and business will be seen
  • Fame and glory will flow to you like never before
  • Prosperity and abundance will come in your life to stay.
  • Wisdom and knowledge will increase which will improve your decision making ability
  • Your relationships will become better and more harmonious than before
  • Conceiving the desired child will be possible
  • Being closure to the supreme soul will open your doors to attain moksha


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