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Rose Quartz Stone Products

 Rose Quartz Stone Products




Rose Quartz Stone is also known by as Love Stone, Pink Quartz and Bohemian Ruby. It’s not only captivating by its hue, but its benefits too.


A number of people love to go along with this stone as it works excellently to open the heart chakra, which come under 7 chakras of the body.


Those who are quite conscious about self-love, romance, platonic and family, they always prefer to wear jewellery made from Rose Quartz Stone.


This enthralling pink quartz stone works excellently for all kinds of above mentioned love in order to enhance it.





Benefits of Rose Quartz Stone Products


  • Wearing Rose Quartz Stone Products portray a wide role to open the heart chakra which cannot be done any other stone.
  • This Bohemian Ruby works for all forms of love, be it self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. These all can be enhanced by carrying only this stone as a bracelet, necklace, earring, earring or ring.
  • The high energy of this Love stone plays a wide role to bring love in your life.
  • Apart from it, this captivating pink stone brings the stress ration down and help to fabricate a soothing environment around the wearer.
  • Being a happy and loving stone, Rose Quartz Stone Products are carried by a number of people.


Use of Rose Quartz Stone Products


  • It has been used to bring soft and sweet energy to the home. You may put it each corner of the room to experience an aura of love and positive energy.
  • Apart from indulging you in love, it helps to improve the digestive system too.
  • Widely Rose Quartz is used to assist heart chakra in order to balance energy.
  • It helps to make you ooze with the incrediblevibration of love and compassion.


We provide following Rose Quartz Products


Rose Quartz Mala, Rose Quartz Bracelet, Rose Quartz Angel, Rose Quartz Pendant, Rose Quartz Skull, Rose Quartz Pencil, Rose Quartz Rough, Rose Quartz Vand, Rose Quartz Sticks, Rose Quartz Lockets, Rose Quartz Pendulam, Rose Quartz Ball, Rose Quartz Chips, Rose Quartz Tumbled, Rose Quartz Idol, Rose Quartz Ganesha etc.


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