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Rock Solid form Kamakhya Sindoors

  Rock Solid form Kamakhya Sindoors

Kamakhya Sindoor basically obtained from Ma Kamakhya Mandir which is one of the most significant Sakhti peeth among 51 Sakhti peethas.


As yoni (vagina) of Goddess Sati had fallen on the Nilachal parvat i.e. the Nilgiri hills, following splitting of the Goddess dead body.


The Yoni part of Devi Sati later on formedas Temple which is worshipped as Devi Ma. The stone is placed in depth of the Temple, called GarbhGrah. of the Goddess dead body.


It is believed that in the month of July every year an annual festival called Ambubachi is being held, when Ma Kamakhya Devi menstruation process starts and ends up to 3 days, that time the temple is being closed.


At that time Angavastra and a rock from GrabhGrah usually placed on the statue of Ma Kamakhya, i.e. over Yoni and it turns red for the discharge of menstruation. At fourth day this rock form of Sindoor is being distributed along with vastra to worshippers.


This Rock form is the original and natural form of the Kamiya-kamakhyaSindoor as shown in the image at this page; the image is self-taken by the KamiyaSindoor website. We obtain from there the KamakhyaSindoor for the distribution, because it obtains in very small quantity that’s why the price of this sindoor is very high.


Uses of the Rock Solid Form Kamakhya Sindoor


For every life problem related to relation, love, career, business success, education problem, childless, vashikaran activities, Black Magic removal, extra marital affair, love problem solution, healing of the relationship, evil eye removal, enemy problem solution, court case problems for all the KamakhyaSindoor is very useful.


You can make the powder form for the better use of the kamakhyasindoor to the rock solid form by the formation. And if you use with the other rate products like hatha Jodi, siyarsinghi and Billikijer along with the sindoor then it is very effective.


Benefits of Rock Solid form Kamakhya Sindoor


It helps to get rid of any enemy, to get high success in life, to get promotion in job, to get success in career, for wealth generation, in gambling fortune, attract someone, getting love and affection, to increase personality, to get rid of spiritual powers and evils, for marriage purpose and success, judicial cases winning, family related problems relationship maintaining and enhancing problems, sexual problems, diversified mentality breaking, wisdom enhancing and art of life.


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