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Remedies For Rahu


Significance of Rahu


Rahu is the planet which is not considered very auspicious as per the traditional Hindu Vedic culture, as it is known to impart malefic effects in the life of a bearer. It is the alliance planet of ketu, actually the story of these two planets goes back very long time ago.


According to the legends long before the start of our world as we know of humans were a conflict of power between two major groups the devtas and the asuras, each wanted to become superior but for the first time came a task of magnanimous height which needed the collaboration of both and it was the samundra manthan of shir sagar which is the churning of the king of the oceans, both the groups agreed on one condition that whatever will come out of effort will be equally distributed especially the nectar of immortality which was the prime reason of this alliance.


After long effects when finally the nectar came out the devtas realized that it will not be good for the balance of the universe to share it with the asuras as they will use for wrong to seek help and find a way out of this situation all reached vishnu and he took his Mohini avatar to trick the asuras with plain water instead of the nectar, finally the distribution began and the plan was in working but one asura named by swarbhanu saw through all this trick of vishnu and sat among the devtas and drank the nectar, on realizing of this moon and sun reported to vishnu and beheaded him at the moment but swarbhanu was immortal now as an effect of nectar so he lived in two forms head the rahu and body the ketu.


How it affects you


Rahu creates many problems in a person’s life such as


  • affects his wisdom and intellect
  • creates hurdles in his professional life
  • loss in career and business is observable
  • unwanted clash and fights in a person’s life happens relationship wise
  • health of a person is affected greatly


Remedies for Rahu


Vedas have provided many remedies to tackle the effect of Rahu from our life which is


  • Rahu dosh nivaran puja
  • Rahu grah shanti puja
  • Rahu and Rahu mantra jaap and yagna
  • Navgraha shanti puja


All these methods can solve all your problems of Rahu in your life.


Our service

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