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Remedies for Ketu

Remedies for Ketu

Significance of Ketu


Ketu is the planet whose presence is considered malefic if it is present in your kundali. According to the legends it was the time samundra manthan of shir sagar was decided to be done and both asuras and devas agreed to help each other for the churning of the grand ocean.


Both started to put the effort and sheer sagar gave out the most amazing and never seen things out of it one of which was the nectar of immortality which on appearing made both the parties acquire it.


Devas on the other hand had different plan in their head as they did not wanted to share the nectar with the asuras as they knew such a power in wrong hands will only create imbalance in the universe.


To complete this deceive came forth Lord Vishnu and took his menaka avatar to distribute nectar among the both parties but tricking the asuras only with plain water.


One asura by the name swarbhanu saw through all this and discretely sat among the devtas and took the nectar but was immediately seen by moon and sun and was reported to Vishnu, without a delay lord released his sudarshan and beheaded the asura but he did not died as he was immortal since then the head part and body known by the name of rahu and ketu.


How it affects your life?


As explained ketu is malefic planet so the effect of the planet will also be malefic, its presence creates difficulties such as


  • Business and career can observe heavy loss.
  • Monetary shortage can be seen.
  • Problems in relationship arises such as unnecessary clashes and conflicts.
  • Property lose can also be observed.
  • Even if success is obtained it will be through negative effects only such as smuggling murder etc.


Remedies for ketu


Ketu remedies are provided from the methods given in vedas such as


  • Ketu nivaran puja.
  • Ketu dosh nivaran puja.
  • Ketu shanti mantra jaap and yagna.
  • Navagrah shanti puja.


All of this will enable you to be in better control of your life and avoid unnecessary anxiety of uncertainty.


Our service

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