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Relationship problem Solutions

Relationship problem Solutions

Relationship problem is common problems among all peoples, because due to human mentality you will not be happy with all your relationship persons, that’s why KamiyaSindoor brings for you the possible suggestion to solve those problems by using the Rudraksha, Yantra, Rare products and Puja.


The solution of the all relationship problems can be solved by using these products and services.




Use NavgrahaYantra, ShukraYantra.




Use 1 MukhiRudraksha, 2 Nos. of 2 Mukhi + 1 No. of Gauri Shankar combinations.




You can wear Yellow Sapphire, White Sapphire, and Pearl Gemstone.


Rare Products


In Rare Products you can use KamakhyaSindoor, Kali Haldi, Gorochan Dana, and Narmada River Natural Shaligram.



Perform these puja to remove the relationship problems Shukra Puja, Navgraha Puja, Katyayani Puja.


Crystal Products


In terms of the crystal products use these: Amethyst Crystal Products, Black Tourmaline, Moldavite.