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Rameshwar Jyotirling


Rameshwar jyotirling is located in Rameshwaram in Madurai and is one of the most important jyotirling which is dedicated to the lord shiva. In all together there are twelve jyotirling that are present. The special thing about this jyotirling is that it was installed by the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu himself.


The story of this jyotirling dates back to the period of Treta yug when lord rama along with his brother laxman and wife sita were in the fourteenth year of their exile and devi sita was abducted by the demon lord ravana to seek revenge on rama and laxman for cutting the nose and ears of his sister shoorpnakha. On learning this both the brothers reached finally Rameshwar which is at the sea shore and the island of lanka is visible from there.


Before they began to attack, rama realized that he have to kill ravana to end this for once and all and to set an example for everyone but the problem was that ravana was a brahman and killing a brahman was prohibited by the vedas, to seek penance out of it rama made a shiv ling of mud which he worshiped to seek blessings of lord shiva to get rid of the paap of brahma hatya.


Since then this place is worshipped as a jyotir ling and is visited by a million of devotes to seek blessings of Lord Shiva in their life. This is a place which is a must to visit if you ever pan to visit all the jyotirling of Shiva.


Some exciting facts about Rameshwar Jyotirling


  • The British released a stamp during their rule by the temples name

  • A sri Lankan king reconstructed the temple in his reign

  • Lord Rama killed ravana after worshipping to lord shiva in this place where later the temple was constructed.


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