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Ram Navami Puja

 Ram Navami Puja

Importance of Ram Navami

Ram Navami is celebrated for the incarnation of lord Vishnu in the treta yuga as lord Rama which is considered as the seventh incarnation of vishnu.


He was born to King dashrat of kosala kingdom, the purpose of this incarnation was to defeat the evil lord the king of demons and forceful ruler of heavens and gods the ravana.


Ram Navami puja


Ram Navami puja is celebrated all across India in different ways but a few rituals which are very important to follow such as


  • Take a bath early morning with clean water before sunrise in the holy river ganga. If you don't have holy river then take bath in the lake or river near your place which is of holy stature
  • After the bath get dressed into clean clothing which is preferred if it is white or saffron
  • Then go to the nearest ram temple and worship the lord
  • To begin with offer flowers, leaves, Ganga jal, kumkum
  • If worshiping at home then place a red cloth and ram sita idol and do aarti along with kumkum, ganga jal, leaves and flowers.
  • Most don't realize but is is also important to worship lord hanuman on the day of ram navami.
  • Observe fast throughout the day and eat only sattvic food
  • Donate food and money among the poor along with prasad.

    Benefits of Ram Navami puja


  • Single women get blessed with the husband having qualities of lord rama
  • Lord Vishnu blessings are received
  • Attraction of wealth is observed in life
  • Abundance and prosperity comes in your life to stay.
  • All the navagraha comes in your favor
  • Success is observed in all doings and goals.
  • Laxmi goddess who is the wife lord Vishnu blesses you with all materialistic benefits
  • Career and business improves like never before
  • A circle of positivity is created around you and your family

    This ram Navami get blessed with all these benefits by performing your puja with complete Vedic rituals and yagna which is a set of thousands of the mantras and auspicious effect of which will be observed to make your life better than ever.


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    We are a dedicated team of genuine practitioner and Pandits who are trained in Vedic rituals and can perform this ram Navami puja for you and many others. If you like to book ram Navami puja than leave us a query on our website or contact us on our helpline number


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