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Ram Navami 2016

Ram Navami Puja

Ram Navami


Why we celebrate Ram Navami ?


Ram navami is one of the most awaited festival of hinduism or to be more precisely of vedantism, it is the birthday of Lord Rama the seventh incarnation of the preserver of the universe lord Vishnu. Ram was born on the ninth day that is why his birthday is celebrated as a navami.


Legends of Lord Ram's birth


There are many strories that are associated with his birth and all are fascinating and fits well in pieces to vishnu to be incarnated. According to one legend a great king of ishwaku dynasty named dashratha had three wives but had no heir to his kindom, this troubled the wise king a lot, he tried every mean to bear a child nothing worked.


He recieved a solution from his guru Vashisht that he should arrange a yagna to please gods and then only he will have a son, without a delay the desperate king arranged yagna which was a success as from fire a god appeared and gave a bowl of a sweet which he advised the king to distribute among the queens and they will bare the child he desire, the first queen ate one fourth, the second a little and the third queen ate the half. Each of them gave birth to a son, the third queen who ate the half of bowl dish gave birth to rama.


Purpose of Lord Ram birth


The real reason though of his birth was to vanquish the evil lord whose powers were growing in treata yug and he even outthroned the gods from heaven and was creating havoc in all the three worlds, he was Ravana and to end him and recreate the righteous path for men and gods rama took birth.


It is believed if there was ever an ideal man than it was rama, as he was a perfect son, husband, brother, friend and the perfect king world ever saw, his reign was called ram rajaya which was free of all wrong and was a kindom of only good and right the dharma.


Ram navami 2016


Ram navami will come this year on april 15, it celebrated throughout the india in different ways but in accordance of rightful rituals that our guided by the vedic literatures. In north india it is celebrated by worship the deity at home or in a temple while in south India this day is celebrated by the marriage of lord rama with goddess sita idol and are kept at home to be blessed for a better life ahead.


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