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Raksha Bandhan

 Raksha Bandhan

The word ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is made up of two words, ‘raksha’ literally meaning protection and ‘bandhan’ meaning bond. Thus, raksha bandhan is the bond of love between a brother and sister protecting their relationship, celebrated by our scriptures. There can be no companion better than a brother and no friend better than a sister. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as a constant reminder of the beauty of this relationship and the responsibilities engulfed with it.


Gayatri Maa is the Goddess of our Vedas. She symbolises Vedas, and thus, knowledge. We know that knowledge removes ignorance. Thus, the Knowledge provided by Goddess Gayatri Is invaluable and we celebrate its provision to the mankind.


Story Behind Raksha Bandhan, Gayatri Jayanti


Raksha Bandhan has many stories revolving around its rituals. Dating back to the days of the Mahabharata, the earliest known rituals of Raksha Bandhan began when Lord Krishna snapped a finger and Draupadi ran forward to tie the bleeding finger with a piece of her saree. Lord Krishna then vowed to return the value of each thread of the piece of cloth. He then protected Draupadi single- handedly during chir-haran by the Kauravas.


The whole Universe is originated by Goddess Gayatri. Scholars advocate that Sage Vishwamitra first uttered the Gayatri Mantra on the Gayatri Jayanti day. Thus, it is a very auspicious day to worship Adi-Shakti Goddess Gayatri.


Why is it Celebrated


As per our Vedic scriptures, raksha bandhan depicts prayers for protection from all evil including ghosts, evil-eye, etc.Goddess Gayatri is the Goddess of all knowledge. She entered earth to remove ignorance from the lives of us humans. Thus, her arrival is well celebrated.




Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Shravana month during the full moon day. The raksha Bandhan thread ceremony may be performed from 6:24 am on 12th August, 2016 to 2:56 PM.


Gayatri Jayanti is observed during Shravana Purnima. The Tithi begins at 4:27 pm on 17th August, 2016 to the next day at 2:56 pm on 18th August.




Apart from the brother-sister relation, prayers may be performed for all members of the family. In a world slowly but surely, transcending away from all relations, this is a beautiful festival that resurfaces the commitment and responsibilities amidst a brother-sister relation.


Goddess Gayatri is considered as the mother of all Gods and Vedas, an embodiment on Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi. Thus, her arrival on Earth is celebrated pompously.


Products to perform the puja


Raksha bandhan is celebrated as the festival of brothers and sisters. The rituals include:


  • Sisters pray for the healthy longevity of their brothers.
  • Sisters tie a thread of love on the wrists of brothers.
  • Brothers vow to always protect their sisters.
  • It is also an auspicious day to donate food and clothes in the name of forefathers.
  • Special prayers to Gayatri Maa are done.


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